Artsound Recording Studios is a recording/mix studio located in the north-east of Belgium. It offers both digital and analog recording possibilities, an excellent live room and a fine selection of quality equipment. Artsound is the perfect place to record, mix, edit and master your album, commercial, jingle, demo, voice or soundtrack for film.


Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs, the studio owner and main engineer was a professional keyboard player before he became a full-time audio producer / engineer. Twenty years experience in the recording industry means he understands how stressful it can be and firmly believes therefore, that a friendly, relaxed environment is important when making a good production.


The 2 studios are based around a 60 channel NEVE VX and a 96 channel SSL AxiomMTplus console. The outboard gear consists of high quality digital and analog devices, an excellent range of microphones and three sets of speakers. It is also possible to do surround mixes for DVD!


Recordings can be made on either warm sounding 2 x 24-track analog tape dolby SR, crystal clear digital (2 x 96 track digidesign ProTools systems) or on a combination of both. Keyboard players who share Jean-Pierre's love for vintage analog instruments can use a Yamaha C3 grand piano, Hammond B3 organ and/or a Rhodes Piano free of charge. A range of synthesizers and samplers are also provided.


Located in a quiet residential area, yet close to two international highways, the studio is very easy to reach by car from Belgium, Holland and Germany with ample parking close to the studio entrance. Hotels and restaurants can also be found locally.


For further information please call us at +32 (0)11 602 115, cell: +32 (0)477 298 225 or send an e-mail to:


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