rock, roots, soul


...our engineer Marc TEE Thijs has been working in the Roots field for more than 20 years and produced records for roots, blues, soul and pop bands.

He worked with the Cream of the American Blues-scene and became a highly respected producer and musician across the ocean!

He was also responsible for award-winning and 5 star review-recordings for...The Hoodoo Club, Noordkaap , The Scabs, Soulwax, The Internationals... and countless national and International Artists and Bands.



Electric Kings (B) | R.J. Mischo (USA) | Lynwood Slim (USA) | El Fish (B) | Internationals (B) | The Scabs (B) | James Harman (USA) | Hoodooclub (B) | Mabel Molly (B) | The Electric Kings. (B) | Johnny Dyer (USA) | Soulwax (B) | The Slime Hunters (B) | The Healers (B) | Noordkaap (B) | Big Dave (B) | TEE (B) | Gene Taylor (USA) | Sunny Fournier (Canada) | Naked productions (B) | The Baboons (B) | Soapstone (B) | Wizards of Ooze (B) | The O’Haras (B) | Stinky Lou & The Goonmat (Fr) | J.J.Louis (B) | Rusty Roots (B) | VoodooBoogie  EP  (B) | Elmore D (B) | Thorbjorn Risager (Denmark) | The Silvertones (D) | EMI records label | Virgin records label | ARS record label | PIAS record label