Studio 1 is our flagship studio featuring the hit proven SSL Axiom MT Plus mixing console. Complete with Pro Tools HD3, a Otari 24-track analog Dolby SR tape deck, and just about every name brand of equipment there is, it's no wonder many national and local artists, producers and songwriters record in Studio 1. Experience super high-end mixing and tracking. Call for a free brochure and facility tour.


Mixing Console

SSL Axiom MT Plus

SSL Total Reset automation

SSL Super Ntech mic amps



Main: ATC SCM 200 active

Nearfields: ADAM A8X active

Nearfields: Yamaha NS10


Reverbs & Fx

Lexicon 960L full option

Lexicon 300L

AMS RMX 16 full option

AMS DMX 15-80S full option

Eventide DSP 4000

Eventide H3000DSE

EMT 140 tube plate

AKG BX 15 spring reverb



Tube Tech Cl1b

Tube Tech SMC 2b

Tube Tech LCA 2b

Urei 1176

Avalon VT 747

LA Audio LA 610

2 X EL8 distressors

Manley ELOP

DBX 160 XL

Drawmer 1960

Waves Maxx BCL

96 x SSL Axiom dynamics

SSL Axiom master bus compressor

SSL 4000 series master bus compressor

Manley Slam

Manley Vari-Mu

2 X purple audio MC77



Protools HD3 with plenty plugs

4 X prismsound ADA8 full option