Studio 2 is an advanced mixing room using Pro Tools HD3 and a SSL Solid Sate Logic AxiomMT-plus 96 channels mixing console. Mixing engineers environment. It's a professional choice for instrument recording, A/V sweetening, vocal tracking, narration tracking, Surround mixings, total reset mixings and electronic composing. Many number one hits mixed in studio 2. Stop by for a free tour!


Mixing console

SSL Solid State Logic AxiomMT 96 channels

24 SSL super mic pre's

total reset, full automated

96 EQs, 96 dynamics, 12 aux, 48 busroutings


EQ and filters

Orban 622B analogue

2 x Trident CB9066 analogue

Electrix Filterfactory analogue


– SSL 4000 E/G

– SSL 9000J

– SSL Axiom MT

– SSL Standard mastering



Main: TAD systems is OK

Nearfields: ADAM A8X

Nearfields: Quested VS2108active



Apogee AD/DA

Manley VARI-MU

Manley Slam

Tube-tech CL1B

3 X Universal Audio LA610

2 X Urei 1187

Tube Tech CL2B

API 2500

SSL Mic pre's

Lexicon 960L

Lexicon PCM 96

2 X TC 4000

Ursa Major Space Station

Yamaha SPX 1000

Yamaha SPX 90

AMS NEVE 1880 + harmonizer

Otari 24 track analogue + dolby SR



Digidesign Protools HD4

Apogee convertors

Otari MTR90III + Dolby SR analoge